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MashTube is a service that you can loop (sampling) to favorite timing from favorite timing YouTube videos.

Of service name "MashTube" is a coined word that combines the "youtube" and "mashup".

Users can get the videoId of their favorite YouTube videos, start position (start), playback time (play), interval until the next regeneration (wait), set the volume (vol), play at the same time up to a maximum of 8 videos thing I can.

Work that you create can be saved from the "Save" button, you can browse from "Gallery" page.

Once saved work is editable, as long as it is not known the password if you set a password when you save, you do not have to be edited to others.

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How to use


If you want to create new, and then click the " New " at the top of the page.
The videoId of YouTube videos of MashTube " videoID " I will paste in the column.
The videoId is part of "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= Video ID " in the URL.
I specify the playback start position to in seconds . If you want to start from 1 minute 15 seconds, enter 75.
Play Time I specified in the ms . If you want to loop in 3 seconds, and then type 3000.
If you want to free up interval to the next play is specified in the ms .
volume I specified in between 0 AND 100 .


Please click on the " Save " at the top of the page if you want to save.
" Save " When you click to open a dialog to enter a name and password.
Name when you search in the "Gallery", will help. The password will be required when you want to edit, but both can be left blank.
After a successful save, URL of the browsing page appears alert.


" Gallery " The page, works that have been created are lined up to new order . It will be played by clicking. The upper right corner of the Search bar , you can Filter by name .


If you want to edit the work that he had made, and then click the " Edit " of playing the top of the page.
And since it is first prompted for a password in the edit screen, enter the password that you set at "Save". Please press the "Enter" without entering anything if anything is not set.
If you want to save what was edited, please save by clicking the "Save" at the top of the page. The password is override to what you enter here.


The Internet connection environment or computer specifications and browser, will affect the playback of the video.
It does not correspond to the tablet and smartphones.
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